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Question 148

Which disaster recovery scenario offers the lowest probability of down time?




Backup and Restore: a simple, straightforward, cost-effective method that backs up and restores data as needed. Keep in mind that because none of your data is on standby, this method, while cheap, can be quite time-consuming.

Pilot Light: This method keeps critical applications and data at the ready so that it can be quickly retrieved if needed.

Warm Standby: This method keeps a duplicate version of your business' core elements running on standby at all times, which makes for a little downtime and an almost seamless transition.

Multi-Site Solution: Also known as a Hot Standby, this method fully replicates your company's data/applications between two or more active locations and splits your traffic/usage between them. If a disaster strikes, everything is simply rerouted to the unaffected area, which means you'll suffer almost zero downtime. However, by running two separate environments simultaneously, you will obviously incur much higher costs.



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