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Question 319

An application calls a service run by a vendor. The vendor charges based on the number of calls. The finance department needs to know the number of calls that are made to the service to validate the billing statements.How can a Solutions Architect design a system to durably store the number of calls without requiring changes to the application?




There are 2 main types of monitoring you can do on AWS EC2 Instances as follows

Basic Monitoring for Amazon EC2 instances: Seven pre-selected metrics at five-minute frequency and three status check metrics at one-minute frequency, for no additional charge.

Detailed Monitoring for Amazon EC2 instances: All metrics available to Basic Monitoring at one-minute frequency, for an additional charge. Instances withDetailed Monitoring enabled allows data aggregation by Amazon EC2 AMI ID and instance type.https://datanextsolutions.com/blog/how-to-collect-custom-metrics-from-aws-ec2-instances/


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