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Question 57

A solutions architect is implementing a document review application using an Amazon S3 bucket for storage. The solution must prevent an accidental deletion of the documents and ensure that all versions of the documents are available. Users must be able to download, modify, and upload documents.Which combination of actions should be taken to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)




Amazon S3 has various features you can use to organize and manage your data in ways that support specific use cases, enable cost efficiencies, enforce security, and meet compliance requirements. Data is stored as objects within resources called “buckets”, and a single object can be up to 5 terabytes in size. S3 features include capabilities to append metadata tags to objects, move and store data across the S3 Storage Classes, configure and enforce data access controls, secure data against unauthorized users, run big data analytics, and monitor data at the object and bucket levels. Objects can be accessed through S3 Access Points or directly through the bucket hostname.



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