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Question 15

Your company is developing a line-of-business (LOB) application that uses the Azure IoT Hub for gathering information from Internet of things (IoT) devices.

The LOB application uses the IoT Hub Service SDK to read device telemetry from the IoT Hub.

You need to monitor device telemetry and be able configure alerts based on device telemetry values. Your solution should require the least administrative effort.

What should you do?





You should enable Azure Monitor resource diagnostics logs on the IoT Hub. Resource-level diagnostics logs allow you to monitor events that happen inside the resource. Each type of resource provides a different type of events. For the IoT Hub, the event category DeviceTelemetry fits your needs.

You should not use Azure Activity Logs. This service provides information about the actions performed on the resources in a subscription while using Resource Manager. Creating an IoT Hub, listing keys from a storage account, or starting a virtual machine are some examples of the type of activity logging information provided by Activity Logs.

You should not use Azure Resource Health. This service provides information about the high-level health status of the resource or if there is a regional outage. You would use this service to know if the IoT Hub is running or not.

You should not use Azure Application Insights with the LOB application. Application Insights provides information about the application performance while the application is running.



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