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Question 21

You have an Azure resource group named RG1. RG1 contains a Windows Server virtual machine (VM) named VM1.

You plan to use Azure Monitor to configure an alert rule for VM1.

You need to configure an alert that notifies you whenever the VM is restarted.

What should you do?





You should define an Activity Log alert condition. The Azure Activity Log tracks all control-plane operations that occur within your subscriptions. You can define Azure alert conditions that fire when a particular Azure Activity log event transpires. In this case, you would add the Restart Virtual Machine signal to your alert condition list.

You should not define a metric-based alert condition. Metric-based alerts are triggered when diagnostic measurement data exceeds a given threshold. For instance, you might trigger an alert when the VM's average CPU consumption exceeds 75 percent over a 10 minute period.

You should not define an action group with either a webhook or an IT Service Management (ITSM) action type. Action groups define how Azure responds whenever an alert condition is triggered. In this case you need only a single notification action group to inform you whenever a VM is restarted.



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