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Question 23

You are configuring the XML file specifying the data paths to use. This file will configure the export job to control the data exported. Your file currently looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>






What will be exported based on the current XML file?

Choose all that apply:





The Azure import export service has an executable process that can be used to configure the import and export jobs. This process is WAImportExport.exe and can take an XML file as input. Looking at the file supplied and what will happen is as follows.

The &lt;BlobPath&gt; option is used top specify the exact path to a blob file, in this case kangaroo.jpg. This file will be exported.

The &lt;BlobPathPrefix&gt; option indicates a couple of different scenarios. /vhds/ has a trailing slash, which means that everything inside the folder vhds will be exported, without exclusion. All files and folders will be exported.

The /movies/dramas path does not have a trailing slash. This syntax means that everything in the movies folder prefixed by the word dramas will be exported. In this case any file and folder starting with dramas as a prefix will be exported.



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