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Question 71

You are configuring a Network Security Group (NSG). The default NSG rules are already in place.

You need to configure the NSG to support only the following the types of traffic into the subnet from the Internet.

* Remote Desktop Management

* Secured HTTPS traffic

* Unsecured HTTP traffic

Which three ports should you configure in the NSG configuration? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.




You should configure port 3389 for Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connections, port 443 for Secured HTTP (HTTPS) connections, and port 80 for unsecured HTTP connections.

You should not configure the NSG to support ports 21 or 53. Port 21 is for File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and port 53 is for Domain Name System (DNS).

The default NSG rules are already set so there is no requirement to configure anything beyond these rules.



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