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Question 89

Your company acquires another business that also uses Azure to deploy virtual machines (VMs) to run business applications for their users. You are tasked with ensuring that your existing applications hosted in Azure can connect securely to the newly acquired company's applications and data hosted in their existing Azure subscription.

You need to configure this environment.

What should you do?





You should enable a Site-to-Site VPN connection between virtual networks (VNets) in the two subscriptions. Site to Site VPN supports connectivity between VNets in different subscriptions.

You should not use a Point-to-Point VPN connection. A Point-to-Point VPN connection can support connectivity from one endpoint to another, but it does not allow multiple connections for different applications within a multiple server or services endpoint to use the same VPN endpoint.

You should not enable VNet Peering. Virtual network peering allows resources from two different network segments to connect as if they were on the same segment. This is not supported across different subscriptions.

You should not create a virtual network gateway in both subscriptions. Performing this activity will set up the prerequisites for configuring connectivity, but the gateways themselves do not support connectivity without additional configuration work.



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