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Question 61

You deploy an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster named Cluster1 that uses the IP addresses shown in the following table.

You need to provide internet users with access to the applications that run in Cluster1.

Which IP address should you include in the DNS record for Cluster1?





LoadBalancer - Creates an Azure load balancer resource, configures an external IP address, and connects the requested pods to the load balancer backend pool. To allow customers' traffic to reach the application, load balancing rules are created on the desired ports.

The IP address for load balancers and services can be dynamically assigned, or you can specify an existing static IP address to use. Both internal and external static IP addresses can be assigned. This existing static IP address is often tied to a DNS entry.

Both internal and external load balancers can be created. Internal load balancers are only assigned a private IP address, so they can't be accessed from the Internet.



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