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Question 105

Your company creates an Azure Cosmos DB in Azure Portal. The database must be a graph database with the ability to model and traverse relationships between entities in the database.

You need to recommend the appropriate Cosmos DB API to use.

Which API should you use?





You should choose the Gremlin API. This is the API used to build a graph database. In Azure portal, the API is identified as Gremlin (graph). When using this API, in addition to having an Azure subscription, you must install Visual Studio 2017 and enable Azure development.

The APIs supported by Azure Cosmos DB are:

* Azure Cosmos DB's API for MongoDB - Used when migrating from a MongoDB and supports the MongoDB wire protocol and connections by MongoDB client drivers

* Cassandra API - Used to create a data store for use with apps written for Apache Cassandra with compatibility with existing applications and support for the Cassandra Query Language (CQL)

* Gremlin API - Used when creating graph databases for modeling and traversing relationships between entities

* SQL API - Default Cosmos DB API that supports building a non-relational document database that supports SQL syntax queries

* Table API - Provides premium database support for applications written for Azure Table storage

None of these APIs, with the exception of the Gremlin API, can be used to build a graph database.

If you need to support multiple APIs, you must create a separate database with a unique account name for each.



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