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Question 107

A static resource database for a public multiplayer game site is hosted in a Cosmos DB that uses the SQL data model.

You need to guarantee the highest possible availability and lowest latency for data reads.

Which consistency level should you use?





Eventual consistency is recommended for applications that require the highest availability and lowest latency. Eventual consistency does not guarantee the ordering of reads, but this is not an issue for a static database because it will not be receiving new data writes.

Supported consistency levels are:

* Strong - Reads always return the most recent committed version of an item.

* Bounded staleness - Reads might lag behind writes based on configured update versions (K) or time (t).

* Session - Scoped to a client session, and reads honor consistency guarantees including the consistent-prefix, monotonic reads, monotonic writes, read-your-writes, and write-follows-reads guarantees.

* Consistent prefix - Updates that are returned contain some prefix of all the updates, and reads never see out-of-order writes.

* Eventual - There is no ordering guarantee for reads, and replicas eventually converge.

Service level agreements (SLAs) for Azure Cosmos DB guarantee that 100 percent of read requests meet the consistency guarantee for the consistency level you choose.



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