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Question 113

A company is migrating its on-premises datacenter to Azure. The solution should:

* Support migration without database changes

* Provide for company control over maintenance and update schedules

* Provide for control over the recovery model

You need to identify the appropriate database solution.

What solution should you choose?





You should choose SQL Server on Azure VM. This is a Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model that gives you complete control over the database server. This solution uses standard SQL Server editions that run on standard hardware, so no database changes are necessary. Because this is an IaaS deployment, the company has complete control over database engine management, including maintenance, update schedules, and the recovery model that is used.

You should not choose single database, elastic pool, or managed instance solutions. These are all Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) models where the company has limited control over the database engine. Activities such as maintenance and updates are under Microsoft's schedule and control.

A single database or an elastic pool made up of single instance databases does not meet the requirements. These kinds of deployments are best matched to the development and deployment of cloud-based applications.

A managed instance deployment can often support the migration from an on-premises deployment with little or no database changes, but it does not meet the company management requirements. It provides near 100% compatibility with an on-premises SQL server.



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