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Question 140

You are the administrator of the ACME banking group. Your company makes use of Microsoft Teams as a communication tool. Every time a new user joins the company HR manually creates a new post welcoming the users. You are tasked to automate this process by implementing a low-cost solution without having to write code for the solution to work. What technology should you implement based on the requirements?





Logic App is correct as this can be used to create workflows without having to write code (i.e. when a new user is created post a new chat in MS Teams welcoming them). Functions will not suffice as they are more focused on executing code without having to use IaaS and this requires to write code. Event Grid will not suffice as this is more focused on serverless events like events from blob storage, resource groups, and even custom events. Service bus will not suffice as is used where messaging between platforms is decoupled, an example would be interbank transfers as the banks do not have to be integrated on know about each other, hence this will not suffice as Teams is responsible for the messaging in this scenario.



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