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Question 144

You are the architect of the ACME shipping group. You are responsible for designing a notification system that will be used to send promotional content via push notifications to millions of devices. The design should cater to all popular platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. You are also planning to use this solution with shared access secrets. Which of the following technologies would best fit the design?





Notification Hub is correct as this supports the sending of large amounts of data to the popular devices via PUSH notifications as well as make use of shared access secrets. Event Hub will not suffice as this is used to collect millions of events per second for processing, not sending the notifications. Service bus will not suffice, as this is a messaging service and not a notification service. Service bus is used for apps that make use of transactions, ordering, and duplicate detection as well as apps that require handling of high-value messages that cannot be lost. Event Grid would not suffice as this is used to provide developers access to the events generated by cloud infrastructure.



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