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Question 147

You are the architect of the ACME shipping group. You are responsible for designing autoscaling solutions. You have a web server which runs at a load of 70-90% most of the time. Which autoscaling pattern would be the best fit?




Adding resources is correct as you can scale this solution manually. Off and On autoscaling will not suffice as this solution is already working full time at a high capacity, shutting it down will not improve anything. Unpredictable autoscaling will not suffice as this pattern is used for example when the CPU threshold is above 95% for 5 minutes and you did not predict it, however, the current load is consistently running around 70-90%. Predictable autoscaling will not suffice as this is primarily used when you know or suspect when resources will be maxed out, however in this scenario resources are already maxed out and needs immediate attention.



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