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Question 168

You are the administrator of the Contoso financial group. You are responsible for monitoring all resources within the "Customer Facing" Subscription which consists of 10 Resource Groups. You need to configure diagnostic settings for all possible resources which you are responsible for. Which of the following can be used to display diagnostics status for all resources to ensure you can get an overall view of resources you are responsible for?



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Diagnostics settings in the Azure Monitor tab are correct as this option allows us to view diagnostics status for all resources in a specific subscription. Diagnostics settings in the Resource Group tab will not suffice, as this will only show the diagnostics status of the resources it has, there are 10 Resource Groups linked to the Subscription in question. Diagnostics settings in the Subscriptions tabs do not exist. Diagnostics settings for each resource can be used however you will not have the ability to view the status for all resources and might miss important resources (human error).

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