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Question 17

You are the IT administrator for an automobile dealership on the west coast of the United States. The dealership wants to take advantage of Microsoft Azure by first moving its website to the cloud. The dealership wants to use the lowest cost solution possible.

Business Requirements

One of the problems the dealership has been facing is website downtime. The dealership typically provides maintenance every Sunday and Wednesday at 2:00 A.M. Eastern Time. However, because the dealership wants to attract customers all over the world, it wants to ensure that the website is always available. During peak seasons, the dealership notices that the website responds slower. The dealership wants this bottleneck eliminated.

Technical Requirements

The website is currently hosted at the dealership's domain registrar. The dealership wants move the site to Azure on Windows Server virtual machines (VMs). Users must be able to use the same domain name to reach the website. The website must be hosted in only one Azure region. The VMs must use a four-gigabyte (GB) solid state drive (SSD). The dealership expects there be less hands-on maintenance and administration once the infrastructure is moved to Azure.

You need configure Azure to automatically notify the owner of the dealership when peak season appears to have started. The solution must minimize expense and difficulty to implement.

What should you do?





You should use Monitor to create an alert when a CPU threshold is exceeded. With Monitor, you first choose a resource to monitor. In this scenario, the resource is a VM. You then choose a condition to monitor. In this scenario, when peak season starts, the website's response time is slower. This means that the CPU is doing more work than usual. Therefore, you should create a condition that monitors CPU percentage. You then choose an action. You can configure an action to e-mail the owner of the dealership when the CPU percentage exceeds a specific threshold.

You should not use Machine Learning. With Machine Learning, you import historical data into a model to predict future outcomes. You cannot monitor VM metrics like CPU usage and memory consumption.

You should not create a Function. This requires you to create an App Service resource. Also, you would need to manually write code to monitor CPU usage on the VM and send the text message.

You should not create a WebJob. This requires you to create an App Service resource. Also, you would need to manually write code to monitor memory consumption on the VM and invoke the WebHook. You would also need to code the WebHook to send the message to the owner.



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