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Question 203

You are the architect of the Contoso airline group. You are responsible for designing autoscaling solutions. You have a VM which is used to assist with the payroll. This VM is required to run for 24 hours once a month and utilizes around 60% of its CPU and memory resources at its peak. Which autoscaling pattern would be the best fit?





Off and On is correct, as this autoscaling pattern should be used to start and stop a VM when not in use. Adding resources pattern will not suffice as there is not a huge load consistently on the machine. Unpredictable autoscaling will not suffice as this pattern is used for example when the CPU or memory threshold hits a threshold you specify it can add more resources, which in this case is not needed. Predictable will not suffice as this is primarily used when you know or suspect when resources will be maxed out, an example of predictable autoscaling would be to add resources when the VM is going to be used in several payroll runs across different countries over the financial year-end period.



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