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Question 224

You are the architect of the Contoso airline group. You are responsible for designing remote connectivity between your head office and your virtual network in Azure. The connection needs to be secure, high speed and low latency. The bandwidth requirement is also very large, estimated at 48Gbps and should be able to be integrated into the current WAN solution. What connectivity solution should be used?




Express route is correct, as this is used to connect large sites to Azure directly with low latency and high bandwidth, this solution also integrated with the current WAN solution. Site-to-Site VPN will not suffice as the connection speed supports up to 1 Gbps per tunnel. Virtual Network Peering will not suffice as this is used to connect virtual networks in Azure with each other. Point-to-Site VPN will not suffice as this is used for remote users to connect individually to the Azure VNets and not made for linking large sites to Azure.



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