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Question 27

You are the Azure administrator for an online personal training company. You create a blob storage account to store training videos. Only you should be able to manage the storage account.

The storage account has a container that personal trainers use to upload their videos. Only personal trainers that your company approves should be able to upload video files.

Choose all that apply:





You should create a shared access signature. This is a URI that contains access rights to an Azure resource.

You should not set the access level of the blob container to Public. This allows anyone to access the container, including anonymous users. You should instead set the access level to Private. By doing this and giving out the shared access signature, you can control who has access to the blob container.

You should not share the storage account key with the personal trainers. This allows the personal trainers to manage the storage account, including the ability to delete other trainers' videos.



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