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Question 28

You are a Cloud Solutions Architect for a mobile application development company. The company has worldwide users that require consistently high performance.

You now want to drop the dependency on physical datacenter storage. You plan to create a new storage solution for the enterprise that uses Azure Storage for disaster recovery, high availability, and performance.

Choose all that apply:





You should not use Premium Storage for global replication. Premium Storage is available only for locally redundant storage (LRS) replication. Also, Premium Storage is not available for all regions.

Recovery time objective (RTO) is the maximum acceptable time that an application can be unavailable after an incident. For example, if your RTO is 50 minutes, you can restore the application to a running state within 50 minutes after the start of an incident. However, if you have a very low RTO, you might keep a second regional deployment continually running an active/passive configuration on standby to protect against a regional outage.

You cannot authorize the Azure Storage from HTTP. To authorize blob and queue operations with an OAuth token, you must use HTTPS.



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