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Question 46

You have two storage account keys: key1 and key2. Your apps and services use key1, and you maintain key2 as a backup key.

You are concerned that both keys may have been compromised. You want to use the Azure portal to regenerate them without interrupting access to the storage account.

Which four actions should you perform in sequence?





You need to perform the following steps in order:

1. Regenerate key2 using the Azure portal.

2. Update connection strings in all relevant apps and services to use key2.

3. Verify that all apps and services are running correctly using the new key.

4. Regenerate key1 using the Azure portal.

You first regenerate key2 because the apps and services are currently using key1 to gain access to stored data, and you do not want to interrupt their access. Next, you change the storage key to key2 in those apps and services and then verify that they can gain access to storage. This is important because the apps and services will not be able to use the previous primary key after it is regenerated.

Finally, you regenerate key1.



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