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Question 75

Your company uses Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in the cloud to safeguard its assets.

A member of your development team at a remote location normally uses her cell phone to authenticate. She calls you from her land line to inform you that her mobile phone has been lost or stolen, and she cannot log in to her corporate account. She does not have an alternate verification method set up for her account.

Because the developer is working on a critical assignment, you must enable her to gain access to corporate resources as soon as possible.

Choose all that apply:





You cannot create a one-time bypass that temporarily grants a user access without two-step authentication. This feature is available only with MFA Server, not MFA in the cloud.

You can clear the user's MFA settings and have her specify her land line as a new contact method. Both mobile and non-mobile phones can be used for MFA authentication. When authenticating via land line, the user completes sign-in by answering the call and pressing the pound key (#) on the phone keypad.

You cannot tell the user to click Use a different verification option and use that method. This option is available only if the user has previously set up an alternate verification method for her account.



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