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Question 81

You are developing a web application that will serve as a search engine for the science department at a school. You plan to host the application in Azure.

A console application acts as a web crawler. It browses the web servers on the school's network every 12 hours to build a local table of keywords and links. This table is used by the web application. You plan to host the web application in Azure App Service.

You need to make sure that the web crawler continues to work while the web application is in Azure without increasing costs.

What should you do?





You should deploy the web crawler as a WebJob. A WebJob allows you to run a program in the context of a web application. The program can be written in Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Bash, PowerShell, or any .NET language. You can configure the WebJob to use a schedule as a trigger, which allows the console application to run every 12 hours. Also, WebJobs involves no additional cost.

You should not convert it to an Azure Function. Although an Azure Function can use a schedule as a trigger, it increases the cost, unlike a WebJob.

You should not convert it to a web application. There is no easy way to cause a web application to run on a scheduled basis.

You should not deploy it as a Docker container instance. Although you can run a Docker container instance on a schedule, it increases the cost, unlike a WebJob.



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