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Question 90

You recently moved a critical production workload to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). A second AKS cluster is used for other application workloads.

You want to collect performance metrics directly from the AKS cluster that is used for the critical workloads.

Which four actions should you perform in sequence?





You should perform the following steps in order:

1. From the Azure portal, enable monitoring for the cluster.

2. Create a Log Analytics workspace.

3. Add Azure Monitor for Containers to the workspace.

4. View charts on the Insights page of the AKS cluster.

You must first enable monitoring for the target cluster. You must then create a new Log Analytics workspace or select and existing one. Next, you add Azure Monitor for Containers to the workspace. This allows the collection of performance data from the nodes in the cluster. Although you can use Azure Monitor to view performance data on all clusters, you can also view this data directly from the cluster.

After you have enabled monitoring for a cluster, you do not need to run queries to see detailed performance data.

Because you are gathering metrics instead of logs, you do not need to obtain data from the activity log.



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