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Question 111

You are designing an Azure solution for a company that wants to move a .NET Core web application from an on-premises data center to Azure. The web application relies on a Microsoft SQL Server 2016 database on Windows Server 2016. The database server will not move to Azure.

A separate networking team is responsible for configuring network permissions.

The company uses Azure ExpressRoute and has an ExpressRoute gateway connected to an Azure virtual network named VNET1.

You need to recommend a solution for deploying the web application.

Solution: Deploy the web application to a web app hosted in an isolated App Service plan on VNET1.

Does this meet the goal?



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Instead, use VNet Integration.

Note: VNet Integration gives your web app access to resources in your virtual network. VNet Integration is often used to enable access from apps to a databases and web services running in your VNet.

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