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Question 5

You are planning the implementation of an order processing web service that will contain microservices hosted in an Azure Service Fabric cluster.

You need to recommend a solution to provide developers with the ability to proactively identify and fix performance issues. The developers must be able to simulate user connections to the order processing web service from the Internet, as well as simulate user transactions. The developers must be notified if the goals for the transaction response times are not met.

What should you include in the recommendation?





Part of Azure Monitor, Application Insights is an extensible platform for application monitoring and diagnostics. It includes a powerful analytics and querying tool, customizable dashboard and visualizations, and further options including automated alertinApplication Insights's integration with Service Fabric includes tooling experiences for Visual Studio and Azure portal, as well as Service Fabric specific metrics, providing a comprehensive out-of-the-box logging experiencThough many logs are automatically created and collected for you with Application Insights, we recommend that you add further custom logging to your applications to create a richer diagnostics experience.



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