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Question 32

You used the Azure portal to deploy resources. You now want to create a similar deployment based on the ARM template that you used with this earlier deployment.

Which four actions should you perform in sequence?





You should perform the following steps in order:

1. Open the Azure portal.

2. Select the resource group that you recently deployed.

3. From the group's deployment history, select the appropriate deployment.

4. Redeploy and provide different values as needed.

You use the Azure portal to perform this procedure. You find the resource group that you deployed previously, view the deployments for this resource group, and then select the deployment that you want to repeat. The template from this previous deployment is used for the new deployment.

You should not select Automation script. This option generates a new ARM template for the resource group. It does not use the template from a previous deployment.

You should not view the deployment's template and edit any parameters as required for the current deployment. You can provide new values when you redeploy, but you cannot edit the template during this step.



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