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Question 35

You plan to automate the deployment of an Azure Virtual Machine (VM) scale set to a new Azure subscription. The scale set uses a Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS image.

After the deployment is complete, all VMs in the scale set must have the Nginx web server installed.

You need to ensure that the web server is installed after the VM scale set is provisioned.

Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.





You should create an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template for the VM scale set. You can create an ARM template to automate the configuration of the VM scale set in the new subscription. You can reuse the same ARM template and configure parameters to make the template more customizable.

You should also modify the ARM template with a Custom Script extension. You can install the web server after the VM scale set is provisioned by using a Custom Script extension. You could use the following command to install the web server:

sudo apt-get install nginx -y.

You should not upload a DSC script or import a runbook from the gallery. You can use a DSC script or a runbook to install the Nginx web server. However, you need an Automation Account configured to run these scripts.



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