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Question 70

You manage a project in Azure DevOps.

You need to prevent the configuration of the project from changing over time.

Solution: Implement Continuous Assurance for the project.

Does this meet the goal?





The basic idea behind Continuous Assurance (CA) is to setup the ability to check for "drift" from what is considered a secure snapshot of a system. Support for

Continuous Assurance lets us treat security truly as a 'state' as opposed to a 'point in time' achievement. This is particularly important in today's context when

'continuous change' has become a norm.

There can be two types of drift:

Drift involving 'baseline' configuration: This involves settings that have a fixed number of possible states (often pre-defined/statically determined ones). For instance, a SQL DB can have TDE encryption turned ON or OFF"¦or a Storage Account may have auditing turned ON however the log retention period may be less than 365 days.

Drift involving 'stateful' configuration: There are settings which cannot be constrained within a finite set of well-known states. For instance, the IP addresses configured to have access to a SQL DB can be any (arbitrary) set of IP addresses. In such scenarios, usually human judgment is initially required to determine whether a particular configuration should be considered 'secure' or not. However, once that is done, it is important to ensure that there is no "stateful drift" from the attested configuration. (E.g., if, in a troubleshooting session, someone adds the IP address of a developer machine to the list, the Continuous Assurance feature should be able to identify the drift and generate notifications/alerts or even trigger 'auto-remediation' depending on the severity of the change).



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