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Question 80

Your company builds a multi-tier web application.

You use Azure DevOps and host the production application on Azure virtual machines.

Your team prepares an Azure Resource Manager template of the virtual machine that you will use to test new features.

You need to create a staging environment in Azure that meets the following requirements:

Minimizes the cost of Azure hosting

Provisions the virtual machines automatically

Uses the custom Azure Resource Manager template to provision the virtual machines

What should you do?




You can use the Azure DevTest Labs Tasks extension that's installed in Azure DevOps to easily integrate your CI/CD build-and-release pipeline with Azure

DevTest Labs. The extension installs three tasks:

Create a VM

Create a custom image from a VM

Delete a VM

The process makes it easy to, for example, quickly deploy a "golden image" for a specific test task and then delete it when the test is finished.



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