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Question 86

You are developing an iOS application by using Azure DevOps.

You need to test the application manually on 10 devices without releasing the application to the public.

Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.




B: Follow these steps to register the devices:

Select the Register devices button.

A dialog prompts for your username and password used in the Apple Developer portal.

Once you sign in with your Apple username and password, App Center adds the unprovisioned devices to both your Apple developer account and the releases provisioning profile.

Optionally you can upload a .p12 file to re-sign the app and distribute it to the newly added devices. Read more on how to generate a .p12 file.

F: Registering a device means making it part of the list of devices on the Apple Developer portal that can then be included in a provisioning profile.

Incorrect Answers:

C: Only register the application in the iTunes store when it is ready for public release.



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