300-625-DCSAN: Implementing Cisco Storage Area Networking

300-625-DCSAN: Implementing Cisco Storage Area Networking

The Implementing Cisco Storage Area Networking v1.0 (DCSAN 300-625) exam is a 90-minute exam associated with the CCNP Data Center and Cisco Certified Specialist - Data Center SAN Implementation certifications. This exam certifies a candidate's knowledge of Cisco MDS 9000 series switches including deployment, implementation, management and monitoring, and troubleshooting. The course, Configuring Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switches, helps candidates to prepare for this exam.

The following topics are general guidelines for the content likely to be included on the exam. However, other related topics may also appear on any specific delivery of the exam. To better reflect the contents of the exam and for clarity purposes, the guidelines below may change at any time without notice.

1.1 Describe installation and initial setup

1.1.a NX-OS

1.1.b DCNM

1.1.c POAP

1.2 Describe secure boot

2.1 Implement Fibre Channel port channels

2.2 Implement Fibre Channel protocol services

2.2.a Name Service

2.2.b Cisco Fabric Services (CFS)

2.3 Implement FCoE

2.3.a FCoE Initialization Protocol (FIP)

2.3.b Priority flow control (PFC)

2.3.c Enhanced transmission selection (ETS)

2.3.d Data Center Bridging Exchange/Link Level Discover Protocol (LLDP)

2.4 Implement VSANs

2.5 Implement NPV and NPIV

2.6 Implement device aliases and zoning

2.7 Configure inter-VSAN routing

2.8 Implement VSAN extensions

3.1 Configure DCNM

3.1a DCNM-SAN client

3.1b Licensing options

3.1c DCNM Device Manager

3.2 Configure RBAC

3.3 Configure Fibre Channel fabric security

3.4 Describe slow-drain analysis

3.5 Implement SAN telemetry streaming

4.1 Troubleshoot Fibre Channel domains and duplicate domain ID

4.2 Troubleshoot zoning and zone merge failure

4.3 Troubleshoot boot and upgrade issues