CCSP Exam: Cloud Component Creation and Testing Roles

Cloud Component Creation and Testing Roles


Which of the following roles is responsible for creating cloud components and the testing and validation of services?



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The cloud service developer is responsible for developing and creating cloud components and services, as well as for testing and validating services.

The role that is responsible for creating cloud components and testing and validating services is the Cloud Service Developer.

Cloud Service Developers are responsible for designing, developing, and deploying cloud-based applications and services. They create the components that make up the cloud infrastructure, such as virtual machines, storage solutions, databases, and networking services.

In addition to building these components, Cloud Service Developers are also responsible for testing and validating the services they create. They must ensure that their services are secure, scalable, and reliable and that they meet the needs of the organization.

Cloud auditors, on the other hand, are responsible for evaluating and assessing the security of a cloud infrastructure. They audit the cloud environment to ensure that it meets regulatory compliance and security standards.

Inter-cloud providers provide services that allow organizations to manage multiple cloud providers through a single interface. They provide solutions that help organizations manage and integrate their cloud environments, including data migration, security, and compliance.

Cloud service brokers are intermediaries between cloud service providers and their customers. They provide services such as billing, provisioning, and support. They help organizations select the right cloud services and providers and ensure that they are getting the best value for their investment.