Inline Editing: When Field Updates Occur Instantly

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Inline editing updates the field when.



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Sure, I'd be happy to provide a detailed explanation of inline editing in Salesforce Lightning Experience.

Inline editing is a feature in Salesforce Lightning Experience that allows users to update record fields directly from a list view, related list, or record page, without having to navigate to the edit page. Inline editing is an efficient way to make quick updates to a record's fields and can save users a lot of time.

Now, coming to the question - "Inline editing updates the field when". The correct answer is B. When the record is saved/updated.

When a user makes changes to a record's fields using inline editing, the changes are not immediately saved to the database. Instead, the changes are temporarily saved in the user's browser cache, and a save icon appears in the inline edit mode. This save icon indicates that the changes are not yet saved to the database.

When the user clicks the save icon, or navigates away from the record, the changes made through inline editing are then saved to the database. Therefore, inline editing updates the field when the record is saved/updated.

Answer A, "The field is saved/updated", is not the correct answer because inline editing only saves the changes to the browser cache, and the changes are only saved to the database when the user clicks the save icon or navigates away from the record.

Answer C, "When the return key is pressed", is also not the correct answer because pressing the return key only exits inline edit mode and does not save the changes to the database.

Answer D, "None of the above", is not the correct answer because as explained above, inline editing does update the field, but only when the record is saved/updated.

I hope this explanation helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.