MB-500: Microsoft Dynamics 365: Finance and Operations Apps Developer

MB-500: Microsoft Dynamics 365: Finance and Operations Apps Developer

Candidates for this exam are developers who work with finance and operations apps in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to implement and extend applications that meet the requirements of a business. Candidates provide fully realized solutions by using standardized application coding patterns, extensible features, and external integrations.

Candidates develop business logic by using X++, create and modify finance and operations app reports and workspaces, customize user interfaces, provide endpoints and APIs to support Microsoft Power Platform apps and external systems, perform testing, monitor performance, analyze and manipulate data, create technical designs and implementation details, and implement permission policies and security requirements.

Candidates should have a deep knowledge and experience using the underlying framework, data structures, and objects associated with the finance and operations solutions.

Candidates should have experience with products that include Visual Studio, Azure DevOps Lifecycle Services (LCS) tools, Postman, GitHub, Microsoft 365, and SQL Server Management Studio.

Plan architecture and solution design (5-10%)

Apply developer tools (10-15%)

Design and develop AOT elements (20-25%)

Develop and test code (10-15%)

Implement reporting (10-15%)

Integrate and manage data solutions (10-15%)

Implement security and optimize performance (10-15%)