Negative Project Outcomes | PRINCE2 Foundation Exam - Project Management Certification

Negative Project Outcomes


Which product records any project outcomes perceived as negative by stakeholders?



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The product that records any project outcomes perceived as negative by stakeholders is the Issue Register.

An Issue Register is a document that records and tracks all the issues or problems that arise during the project. These issues can be raised by stakeholders, team members, or any other person involved in the project. The purpose of the Issue Register is to document these issues, assign ownership, and track their progress until they are resolved.

The Issue Register captures the following information about each issue:

  • Issue description
  • Date the issue was raised
  • Who raised the issue
  • Impact of the issue on the project
  • Priority of the issue
  • Assigned owner of the issue
  • Action plan to resolve the issue
  • Status of the issue
  • Date the issue was resolved
  • Resolution of the issue

By using an Issue Register, the project manager can ensure that all issues are documented, and appropriate actions are taken to resolve them. The Issue Register can also help the project manager to identify any recurring issues or trends, which can then be addressed through process improvements or corrective actions.

In the given options, the Project Product Description describes the characteristics of the product or service that the project will deliver, the Business Case outlines the reasons for undertaking the project and its expected benefits, the Project Plan outlines how the project will be executed, and the Communication Management Strategy outlines how communication will be managed within the project. While these documents are important in project management, none of them specifically record negative outcomes perceived by stakeholders.