Sensitivity Labels for Microsoft SharePoint Online in Policy1 | SC-400 Exam Question Answer

Sensitivity Labels for Microsoft SharePoint Online


You create three sensitivity labels named Sensitivity1, Sensitivity2, and Sensitivity3 and perform the following actions: -> Publish Sensitivity1

-> Create an auto-labeling policy for Sensitivity2

You plan to create a file policy named Policy1 in Microsoft Cloud App Security.

Which sensitivity labels can you apply to Microsoft SharePoint Online in Policy1?



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The answer to this question is D. Sensitivity1 and Sensitivity2 only.

Here's the explanation:

  • Sensitivity1 has been published, which means it is available for use in Microsoft 365 services. This includes Microsoft SharePoint Online, which is one of the services that can consume sensitivity labels.
  • Sensitivity2 has been used to create an auto-labeling policy. This policy can automatically apply the Sensitivity2 label to documents or emails based on certain conditions (e.g., if the content of the document matches a specific pattern).
  • Sensitivity3 has not been published or used in any policies, so it cannot be applied to SharePoint Online.

When creating a file policy in Microsoft Cloud App Security, you can apply sensitivity labels to protect sensitive information. SharePoint Online is one of the cloud apps that can be targeted by file policies.

However, SharePoint Online only supports sensitivity labels that have been published and those that have been used in auto-labeling policies. In this scenario, only Sensitivity1 and Sensitivity2 meet those criteria.

Therefore, the correct answer is D. Sensitivity1 and Sensitivity2 only.