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Workflow and Repair Validation Errors


In the vRealize Orchestrator client, where can an administrator view the workflow and repair validation errors?



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In the vRealize Orchestrator client, the administrator can view and repair validation errors related to workflows in the Validation tab of the workflow editor.

The workflow editor is a graphical user interface provided by vRealize Orchestrator for creating and managing workflows. It allows administrators to design, edit, and configure workflows to automate various tasks and processes.

To access the workflow editor, the administrator needs to launch the vRealize Orchestrator client and navigate to the relevant workflow. Once the workflow is opened in the editor, they can perform various actions related to workflow management, including viewing and addressing validation errors.

The Validation tab within the workflow editor provides a comprehensive view of any validation errors encountered within the workflow. Validation errors occur when there are issues with the workflow configuration or elements that prevent it from functioning correctly. These errors can range from missing or incorrect inputs to invalid connections between workflow elements.

By navigating to the Validation tab, the administrator can see a detailed list of the specific validation errors associated with the workflow. Each error is typically accompanied by a description or message explaining the nature of the issue. This information helps the administrator understand what needs to be fixed in order to resolve the validation error.

To repair the validation errors, the administrator can directly interact with the workflow editor in the Validation tab. They can modify the workflow elements, connections, or configurations that are causing the errors. By making the necessary adjustments, the administrator can rectify the validation issues and ensure the workflow is in a valid state.

Once the validation errors have been resolved, it is advisable to revalidate the workflow to ensure that all errors have been successfully addressed. This can be done by clicking on the "Validate" button within the Validation tab or by using the validation option available in the workflow editor's toolbar.

In summary, the Validation tab in the vRealize Orchestrator client's workflow editor is where administrators can view and repair validation errors related to workflows. It provides a detailed overview of the errors encountered and allows administrators to make necessary adjustments to ensure the workflow is in a valid state.