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Google Cloud: Fully Managed Serverless Platform for Highly Scalable Applications


Your company has recently signed a contract with a company that intends to develop a software for self-driving cars.

Your team is tasked with building applications that are highly scalable on a serverless platform.

Since the company does not want any infra management overheads, it requires the platform to be fully managed. Which offering from Google Cloud would you recommend?



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A. B. C. D.

Correct Answer: D.

Option A is Incorrect.

This is not a fully managed solution.

Option B is Incorrect.

Cloud run would be an apt choice for containerized applications development and deployment on a fully managed serverless platform.

Option C is Incorrect.

Cloud function is incorrect because cloud functions are event-driven and mostly designed for lightweight functionalities instead of applications.

Option D is Correct.

Google App Engine is the appropriate choice for this solution because Google App Engine is:

1> Fully Managed.

2> Serverless.

3> Highly scalable.

https://cloud.google.com/run https://cloud.google.com/functions/ https://cloud.google.com/appengine

For building highly scalable applications on a fully managed serverless platform, Google Cloud offers several options. However, out of the four options provided, the best recommendation would be Google App Engine (option D).

Google App Engine is a fully managed, serverless platform that enables developers to build and deploy applications quickly and easily without worrying about infrastructure management. It supports several programming languages such as Java, Python, Node.js, Ruby, and Go. App Engine provides auto-scaling, load balancing, and other features that help to maintain application availability and scalability.

On the other hand, hosting the application on a virtual machine (option A) would require infra management and maintenance. Cloud Run (option B) and Cloud Functions (option C) are both serverless platforms but designed for specific use cases. Cloud Run is ideal for containerized applications, whereas Cloud Functions is suitable for event-driven serverless computing.

Therefore, Google App Engine is the best recommendation for building highly scalable applications on a fully managed serverless platform for this particular use case. It provides all the necessary features and functionality required for developing and deploying self-driving car software without worrying about infra management overheads.