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Question 21

You plan to create an Azure Storage account in the Azure region of East US 2.

You need to create a storage account that meets the following requirements:

Replicates synchronously.

Remains available if a single data center in the region fails.

How should you configure the storage account? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.

NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.




Zone-redundant storage (ZRS) replicates your data synchronously across three storage clusters in a single region.

LRS would not remain available if a data center in the region fails

GRS and RA GRS use asynchronous replication.

ZRS only support GPv2.

Data in an Azure Storage account is always replicated three times in the primary region. Azure Storage offers two options for how your data is replicated in the primary region:

Locally redundant storage (LRS) copies your data synchronously three times within a single physical location in the primary region. LRS is the least expensive replication option, but is not recommended for applications requiring high availability.

Zone-redundant storage (ZRS) copies your data synchronously across three Azure availability zones in the primary region. For applications requiring high availability, Microsoft recommends using ZRS in the primary region, and also replicating to a secondary region.



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