Cisco Security Solutions: Understanding the Meaning of "e276abec-e0f2-11e3-8169-6d9ed49b625f"

The Purpose of "e276abec-e0f2-11e3-8169-6d9ed49b625f" in Cisco Security Solutions


When the URI "/api/fmc_config/v1/domain/e276abec-e0f2-11e3-8169-6d9ed49b625f/policy/accesspolicies" is used to make a POST request, what does "e276abec-e0f2-11e3-8169-6d9ed49b625f" represent?



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In the given URI "/api/fmc_config/v1/domain/e276abec-e0f2-11e3-8169-6d9ed49b625f/policy/accesspolicies", "e276abec-e0f2-11e3-8169-6d9ed49b625f" represents a domain UUID.

UUID stands for Universally Unique Identifier, which is a 128-bit number used to uniquely identify an object or entity in a distributed computing environment. In this case, the UUID represents the unique identifier for the domain.

FMC stands for Firepower Management Center, which is a centralized management console used to manage Cisco's Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) system. The URI is used to make a POST request to the FMC's API, which allows for programmatic access to the FMC's configuration and management functions.

In summary, the URI is used to create a new access policy for a domain identified by the UUID "e276abec-e0f2-11e3-8169-6d9ed49b625f" using the FMC's API.