Cisco AMP for Endpoints API Queues for "Finance Hosts" Endpoint Group with GUID 6c3c2005-4c74-4ba7-8dbb-c4d5b6bafe03

List of Endpoints in "Finance Hosts" Group in Cisco AMP for Endpoints


In Cisco AMP for Endpoints, which API queues to find the list of endpoints in the group "Finance Hosts," which has a GUID of 6c3c2005-4c74-4ba7-8dbb- c4d5b6bafe03?



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The correct answer to the question is A.[]=6c3c2005-4c74-4ba7-8dbb-c4d5b6bafe03.


Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints provides an API that can be used to retrieve data from the AMP console programmatically. The API endpoints allow users to manage hosts, groups, policies, and events.

In this question, we are asked to find the list of endpoints in the group "Finance Hosts," which has a GUID of 6c3c2005-4c74-4ba7-8dbb-c4d5b6bafe03.

To do this, we need to use the correct API endpoint and parameter. Looking at the available answers, we can see that there are two different endpoints being used: "/endpoints" and "/computers". We also see that there are two different parameter formats being used: "group[]" and "group_guid[]".

The correct format for the group parameter is "group[]", as this allows us to specify multiple groups if needed. The correct endpoint is "/endpoints", as this returns a list of endpoints. Finally, we need to include the GUID of the "Finance Hosts" group, which is 6c3c2005-4c74-4ba7-8dbb-c4d5b6bafe03.

Therefore, the correct API endpoint to use is:[]=6c3c2005-4c74-4ba7-8dbb-c4d5b6bafe03

This will return a list of endpoints that belong to the "Finance Hosts" group in Cisco AMP for Endpoints.