Cisco DNS Security Investigate

Cisco DNS Security Investigate


FILL BLANK - Fill in the blank to complete the statement with the correct technology.

Cisco __________ Investigate provides access to data that pertains to DNS security events and correlations collected by the Cisco security team.



The blank in the statement is filled with "Umbrella."

Cisco Umbrella Investigate is a cloud-based security service that provides access to a vast database of domain name system (DNS) information. It allows security professionals to investigate security events and gain valuable threat intelligence through its threat intelligence portal. Umbrella Investigate aggregates and correlates data from various sources, including the DNS queries that are performed across the Umbrella global network, and Cisco Talos Intelligence, a world-renowned security intelligence and research group. This data is used to identify malicious domains and IPs, and to build predictive models to identify new threats.

Umbrella Investigate also offers several features and tools that allow security professionals to conduct thorough investigations, including visualizing the relationships between domains and IP addresses, examining historic DNS data, and searching for related samples in the threat intelligence database. The service is widely used by security teams to investigate and respond to security incidents, proactively detect and block threats, and gain a better understanding of their organization's overall security posture.