API Capabilities on Cisco Firepower Devices | Cisco Exam 300-735-SAUTO

API Capabilities on Cisco Firepower Devices


Which API capability is available on Cisco Firepower devices?



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The correct answer is B. Firepower Management Center - eStreamer API.

Cisco Firepower devices are advanced security solutions that provide threat protection, visibility, and control across the network infrastructure. Firepower devices come in different models and versions, and they are designed to secure different parts of the network, from the perimeter to the endpoint.

The Firepower Management Center (FMC) is a centralized management platform that provides a single pane of glass to manage and monitor Firepower devices. FMC allows administrators to configure policies, deploy updates, and view reports across multiple Firepower devices from a single location.

One of the API capabilities available on Firepower devices is the eStreamer API. The eStreamer API is a socket-based API that provides real-time access to Firepower events, such as intrusion events, file events, connection events, and security intelligence events. With the eStreamer API, external applications can receive and process Firepower events in real-time, and take actions based on the event type and severity.

The eStreamer API allows third-party applications to integrate with Firepower devices, and extend their functionality beyond the built-in capabilities. For example, a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) application can use the eStreamer API to receive and process Firepower events, and correlate them with events from other security solutions in the network. This can help identify and mitigate advanced threats that may span multiple security layers.

In summary, the Firepower Management Center - eStreamer API is an API capability available on Cisco Firepower devices that allows external applications to receive and process real-time security events from Firepower devices.