Cisco NSO Benefits:

Using Cisco NSO provides enhanced network automation and streamlined network management. Enjoy simplified configuration and improved scalability with Cisco NSO.


What are two benefits of using Cisco NSO? (Choose two.)



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Cisco NSO, or Network Services Orchestrator, is a software platform that helps automate and manage the configuration of network devices and services. Some of the benefits of using Cisco NSO include:

A. Abstraction of device adapter and complex device logic from the service logic: Cisco NSO provides a layer of abstraction between the network devices and the services that they support. This means that network services can be defined in a more abstract and generic way, without having to worry about the details of how those services are implemented on specific devices. The device adapters and complex device logic are handled by NSO, allowing the service logic to focus on the business requirements and outcomes.

C. Easy integration into northbound systems and APIs: Cisco NSO supports a wide range of northbound APIs, including REST, NETCONF, and YANG. This makes it easy to integrate with other network automation tools and systems, as well as with custom applications and workflows. NSO also provides a set of APIs that can be used to automate common tasks, such as service provisioning, configuration management, and device discovery.

B. Load balancing services for better traffic distribution: Cisco NSO provides load balancing capabilities that can help distribute network traffic more evenly across multiple devices or services. This can improve the overall performance and availability of network services, while also reducing the risk of service disruptions or outages. NSO can also monitor network traffic and automatically adjust the load balancing configuration as needed to ensure optimal performance.

D. Replacement of CI/CD pipeline tools: Cisco NSO is not designed to replace CI/CD pipeline tools. Instead, it can be integrated with these tools to provide additional automation and orchestration capabilities. NSO can help streamline the development, testing, and deployment of network services by providing a standardized framework for managing device configurations and service logic.

E. Automatic discovery of deployed services: Cisco NSO can automatically discover network devices and services that are deployed in the network. This can help simplify the process of configuring and managing those devices and services, as well as ensure that they are properly integrated with other network resources. NSO can also help identify potential issues or conflicts that may arise due to changes in the network topology or configuration.