gNMI Messages and Payload Encodings | Cisco Exam 300-535-SPAUTO

gNMI Messages and Payload Encodings


An engineer must change from using NETCONF for streaming telemetry to telemetry data using gRPC framework because NETCONF uses XML for message and payload encoding.

Which two messages and payload encodings does gNMI use? (Choose two.)



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gNMI (gRPC Network Management Interface) is a protocol for telemetry data exchange between network devices and network management systems. It is based on the gRPC framework, which uses protobuf (Protocol Buffers) as a message and payload encoding format.

protobuf is a language-neutral, platform-neutral, extensible mechanism for serializing structured data. It is designed to be efficient, compact, and easy to work with. The gNMI protocol uses protobuf for encoding both the messages and the payload.

Therefore, the correct answers are:

C. protobuf payload: gNMI uses protobuf for encoding the payload of the telemetry data.

E. gNMI notifications with JSON: Although gNMI uses protobuf for encoding the messages and the payload, it also allows for encoding the notification messages in JSON format for interoperability purposes.

Option A (gNMI notifications with XML) and Option B (protobuf notifications with XML) are incorrect because gNMI does not use XML as a message or payload encoding format.