Cisco CloudCenter

Cisco CloudCenter


Which option is the Cisco cloud management platform that is designed for enterprise and public sector IT organizations to help build private and hybrid clouds?



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The correct answer is A. Cisco UCS Director.

Cisco UCS Director is a cloud management platform designed for enterprise and public sector IT organizations to help build private and hybrid clouds. The platform allows organizations to automate the delivery of infrastructure and applications across private, public, and hybrid clouds. It provides a single point of control for managing computing, network, and storage resources, and automates the deployment and management of applications and services.

Cisco UCS Director enables IT administrators to create and manage cloud environments, monitor resources, and automate service delivery. The platform supports multiple hypervisors, including VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix XenServer, and can be integrated with third-party management tools such as ServiceNow and VMware vRealize.

The platform provides a range of features and capabilities, including:

  • Automated provisioning of computing, network, and storage resources
  • Self-service portal for end-users to request resources and services
  • Orchestration and automation of application deployment and lifecycle management
  • Multi-tenant architecture to support multiple users and departments
  • Integration with third-party management tools and service catalogs
  • Unified management of physical and virtual infrastructure
  • Monitoring and reporting of resource usage and performance

Cisco UCS Director helps organizations accelerate the delivery of IT services, reduce costs, and improve agility. It provides a comprehensive cloud management solution that supports private and hybrid cloud environments, and enables IT organizations to deliver infrastructure and services faster, with greater flexibility and efficiency.