SDR Characteristics | Cisco CCIE Service Provider Exam | 400-201

SDR Characteristics


Which are the three characteristics of SDR? (Choose three.)



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A. B. C. D. E. F.


Sure, I'd be happy to explain the characteristics of SDR (Software-Defined Router).

SDR is a technology that allows a single physical router to be partitioned into multiple logical routers, each with its own control plane and forwarding plane. This provides a virtualization capability that allows multiple customers or services to be hosted on a single physical router.

The three characteristics of SDR are:

A. The logical router has a dedicated route processor: This means that each logical router within the physical router has its own dedicated control plane processor, allowing for independent control plane processing for each logical router. This provides better isolation between different logical routers, improving their security and reliability.

B. Owner SDR can be reloaded without affecting all non-SDRs: Each logical router within the physical router is known as a Service Independent Forwarding Instance (SIFI) and is completely isolated from other logical routers. This means that the owner SDR can be reloaded or reset without affecting other logical routers or the entire physical router.

C. The fabric and system controller module are shared by all logical routers: The fabric and system controller modules of the physical router are shared by all logical routers, allowing for better utilization of resources. This ensures that the forwarding plane resources are optimally utilized, and the logical routers can communicate with each other efficiently.

The other options, D, E, and F, are not characteristics of SDR. Option D implies that line cards can be shared between logical routers, which is not a characteristic of SDR. Option E implies that a logical router can span across chassis, which is actually a characteristic of VSS (Virtual Switching System) technology. Option F implies that each logical router has a distinct fabric and system controller module, which is not a characteristic of SDR, as these modules are shared by all logical routers.