Cisco CCIE Service Provider Written Exam: MLD Protocol and IPv6 Stack

MLD Protocol


Which protocol in the IPv6 stack does the MLD protocol use to carry its messages?



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The MLD protocol, which stands for Multicast Listener Discovery, is used by IPv6 nodes to discover multicast routers and to join multicast groups on a network. MLD is the IPv6 equivalent of the IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol) protocol in IPv4.

MLD protocol uses ICMPv6 (Internet Control Message Protocol version 6) to carry its messages. ICMPv6 is a protocol in the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) suite of protocols and it is used to report error conditions, for diagnostic purposes, and to convey information about network conditions.

MLD messages are sent as ICMPv6 packets with specific type and code values. There are two types of MLD messages: MLD Query messages and MLD Report messages. MLD Query messages are used by multicast routers to discover which multicast groups have active listeners on a network segment. MLD Report messages are used by nodes to join and leave multicast groups on a network.

In summary, the protocol in the IPv6 stack that the MLD protocol uses to carry its messages is ICMPv6.